Novalink is committed to protecting your privacy. We have designed our sites so you may visit them without revealing any personal information.

When you choose to provide personal information to us, please know that we take your privacy seriously. The information we collect is gathered to provide a more personalized shopping experience and to support your business needs. You can help us ensure your privacy by not sharing your user name or password with anyone. See below for detailed information about how we protect your personal information. This privacy policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically. If you have any concerns or comments, please be sure to let us know.

The intent of our privacy policy is to make you aware of the choices you can make regarding the information you provide to NovaLink and to inform you of our security practices.

What information do we collect?

We collect information needed for personalizing your experience and tailoring the information displayed to your business needs. We also collect non-personal information regarding how our site is used so we can continually enhance our service and your experience.

The manner in which you access our site determines the amount of personal information that you share. There are different methods to access our site:

  • You may visit our site as a guest. A guest is not required to give any personal information. They are allowed access to view static, non-client specific content.
  • A guest may register and request an account. When registering, you are asked for your name, workplace email address and work phone number. If your company is not an existing client, a NovaLink associate will contact you to discuss your business needs to establish the site details and personalized content requirements.
  • As a client, we can personalize the site for your business needs. No other personal information is required. Only the business information that you choose to share with your account manager so the site can reflect your business’ preferences and present a more relevant shopping experience. At times you may receive product promotions, specials, and newsletters. If you prefer not to receive those, you can opt out by selecting the option on your personal profile. For those clients issuing online orders, we require only the personal information that is needed for safely processing your order and for contacting you about your transactions. It is used exclusively for that purpose.

Other information collected is non-personal and is intended to assist NovaLink to focus our efforts in improving the site’s usability and the available features. Types of non-personal information we collect:

  • IP address – We use IP addresses to measure our site traffic and to help provide a relevant shopping experience. Your IP address is not linked to your customer information.
  • Referral site – If you come to our site via a link, the location of the referral is captured. This is used to help us know where our users come from.
  • Browser type – This information is captured to help us optimize our site to match the latest technology used by our customers.
  • Movements through our site – We keep track of pages you visit to help us provide a more personalized and relevant shopping experience.

Who can see your account information?

Only authorized programming personnel at NovaLink are permitted to see your password. Your account manager is not permitted to see your password. You can save a password hint to help you remember or you can request a new one be created and emailed to you. Only authorized sales, customer service and accounting personnel are permitted access to your account information.

What about cookies?

We use cookies as a way to give you better service. They personalize your shopping experience and they help identify you. You will need to set your browser to accept cookies if you wish to add items to a shopping cart. Information collected or stored via cookies is kept in a secured area within NovaLink.

What about e-mail?

When you request a quotation or purchase online from NovaLink, we may send you an e-mail to confirm your quote or order. You may choose to send copies as well. Part of the site personalization for your company may be to email quotations to identified person(s).

Customer satisfaction

NovaLink is committed to providing all customers with a world-class experience. In order to measure how well we are doing and to better understand how we can continually improve our product offerings and our ability to meet your unique requirements, from time-to-time we may contact you by phone or e-mail and solicit your participation in research. Your participation is voluntary and you may request to remove yourself from future efforts of this kind.

Please note that your account manager may occasionally send you promotional or product information. In addition, NovaLink may, on occasion, send you updates on important information about our company and services. If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, simply let your account manager know.