Managed Engineering Services

Novalink provides managed engineering services in the areas of information technology and wireless network engineering. Ranked as one of the top five vendors for the state of Georgia, Novalink serves a wide range of state and federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies, including telecommunications, healthcare, and energy and utilities.

IT / Software Engineering

Knowledge increases performance

Our knowledge can increase performance while reducing costs

Novalink’s IT specialties include software development, database engineering, network security, and business process analysis and engineering.

One of the company’s newest additions to its IT services is performance tuning, which is a proactive and continuous process that includes system performance monitoring, analysis and tuning. Other techniques to improve performance may include code optimization, load balancing, caching strategy, distributed computing and self-tuning.

Designed to increase performance while reducing costs for clients, the majority of performance tuning services are focused on the mainframe environment (DB2, z/OS, CICS and IMS), which are widely deployed widely in government agencies. Performance tuning benefits include:

  • Reduced costs for hardware purchases and upgrades
  • Reduced system running time
  • Reduced energy usage

Novalink also specializes in data warehouse, data architecture and modeling.

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Wireless Network Engineering

Wireless Network Services

Novalink has a strong history of providing managed solutions for telecommunications

In the area of telecommunications, Novalink provides engineering consulting and wireless network deployment, optimization and support for all major technologies for clients such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Ericsson. Key projects within the telecom domain include:

  • Wireless network deployment and implementation in 3G (UMTS, W-CDMA) and 4G (Wimax, LTE)
  • Network tuning and optimization
  • Program and project management

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