Telecommunications Managed Engineering Services

Novalink has a rich, deep level of expertise in the telecom industry. Engineering resources utilized by Novalink have extensive experience from US-based as well as overseas projects. Our professionals bring the most up-to-date technology expertise as well as global business perspective.

Confident in our service quality, we provide performance guarantees for all of our projects to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Novalink expedites project results while maintaining competitive pricing. Efficient partnering with vendors and operators plus strict quality control ensure project success, while upfront attention to requirements minimize change orders and SOW changes to allow highly competitive project pricing.

Novalink’s telecommunications services include:

  • Wireless network design and optimization
    • Turn-key network design
    • Upgrading existing network to new technologies: UMTS (3G), LTE (4G)
    • Radio frequency (RF) engineering
    • Cluster and network optimization
  • Network Deployment
    • Management of site acquisition
    • Construction management
  • Network engineering
    • UTRAN
    • Core
    • Transport
  • Network augmentation for special events
    • Analysis of additional capacity needs
    • Utilization of actual network and projected traffic stats
    • Design and implementation for solutions, including COWs and COLTs
    • Indoor/in-building system