Total Managed Engineering Service Methodology

Novalink has developed a comprehensive total managed engineering service methodology that includes a range of business practices and processes to ensure you are satisfied and project requirements are met. This well-tuned methodology has evolved based upon the company’s extensive experience with a wide range of managed engineering clients.

Novalink helps you increase the quality of customer service that you provide, reduce the cost of operations and adopt and realize the greatest benefit from new technologies. Following are a sample quality assurance practices that are instrumental in achieving these objectives.

Thorough project understanding…

Understanding your project requirements

We develop a thorough understanding of your project & requirements

The first step when Novalink begins a project is to develop a thorough understanding of project requirements, desired outcomes and potential roadblocks. By sharing this information with all team members, the client is assured of a dedicated, knowledgeable team that is working toward a common goal.

Integrated into project…

Project Reporting

QA quarterly reports integrated into project

A major outcome of Novalink’s quality assurance program is a dramatic improvement in processes. QA quarterly reports are required to include areas of deficiency in each functional group and corrective action plans. Regular surveys of all stakeholders (clients, managers and employees) are conducted to solicit feedback.

Speedy resolution…

Performance measuring and monitoring

Proactive performance measuring and monitoring

Novalink is proactive in measuring and monitoring performance and taking corrective actions in order to notify clients of issues and their resolution. However, when a complaint is received, the company has processes to address it.

  • Client Care and other Account Associates are empowered to address any issue and resolve it to the client’s satisfaction.
  • The on-site manager and/or program manager contacts the client to discuss the issue and gain agreement on the course of action.
  • A dedicated client account team meets at least once a week to discuss any issues or concerns.
  • Depending on the nature of the issue, a root-cause analysis may be performed to ensure that the issue is proactively managed and does not recur.
  • Confirm with the client that the issue has been addressed and report on actions taken to resolve the issue.

Rapid response goals……

Novalink's rapid response goals

Novalink's rapid response goals

There are three levels of issues with response goals for each:

  • Production – Once reported, these issues are addressed immediately with a goal to resolve it within one-to-four hours. In the company’s history, all such issues have been resolved within this time frame.
  • Critical – These issues are addressed immediately with the goal of responding within one hour and resolving the issue within 12 hours.
  • Non-Critical – These issues are addressed within one-to-four hours with a plan to resolve or address the issue within 24-48 hours.

If the issue is not resolved within the specified timeline, it will be escalated to the on-site Account Manager, Director of Operations and ultimately to the Managing Partner if not resolved within 48 hours.