Agile Staffing Methodology

Too often in the field of technical staffing, what seems to matter most is whether the candidate has a pulse rather than if they will do a good job! Novalink does not ascribe to this approach, and the company’s low turnover rate and high number of internal referrals is confirmation that Novalink employees relish the challenges and opportunities afforded by their positions.

Through a people-centric approach, Novalink leverages the strength of employees along with extremely efficient processes to deliver services that meet the following three benchmarks:

  1. Consistent supply of qualified candidates – highly qualified candidates for staffing augmentation and employees for managed engineering services
  2. Placement process/quality – streamline and improve the cycle time of sourcing and onboarding the right candidates at the right price
  3. Optimal pricing – ensure that service levels are met and exceeded at the best possible market prices

A unique approach…

Built processes with unique approach

Novalink built its process around the objectives of maximizing speed, efficiency and quality of service delivery

Novalink’s recruiting model sets it from competitors. Rather than a full lifecycle approach, Novalink built its process around the objectives of maximizing speed, efficiency and quality of service delivery.

The recruiting process starts with targeted sourcing by a Sourcing Analyst who is specially trained to filter the best resumes from various talent sources. The selected resumes are strategically assigned to a specialized recruiter based on his or her area of expertise and professional acumen. The recruiter then qualifies the candidates through detailed interviews on the phone, in-person or video conference, gauging parameters such as availability, communication skills, interest, skill-set and personality.

Behavioral and situational techniques are employed to test analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to work in high-pressure environments. Recruiters spend 100 percent of their time interviewing and qualifying candidates, ensuring there is a thorough due diligence.

5 business days for candidate deployment…

Candidate Deployment

Candidates are deployed in 5 business days

Novalink utilizes highly efficient and adaptive processes to ensure the candidate deployment stage of an engineering project is not more than five business days. This breaks down to:

  • Recruitment and sourcing – 2 business days
  • Interviews and confirmation – 1 business days
  • On-board and hiring process – 2 business days

As a value-added service, Novalink routinely performs reviews to ensure its government and private agencies are in compliance with applicable regulations with:

  • Indemnification of wage and hour claims
  • Knowledge of applicable regulations and accounting rules regarding contingent and temporary workers
  • Legal status is met for all deployed consultants

Performance guarantee…

Novalink uses performance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with partners and internal team members (account managers and recruiters) to ensure quality and turnaround for candidates. Novalink guarantees the quality of candidates that it provides, offering two free weeks of training service for consultants in highly specialized positions. On the rare occasion when a candidate does not meet expectations after the evaluation period, Novalink provides an alternative candidate.

Measuring Success…

Novalink has three measurements for quality of service in its Staff Augmentation division to ensure you receive the staff you need, when you need them:

  1. Consistent supply of qualified candidates – In addition to maintaining a large, proprietary database of contractors, Novalink focuses on the individual’s capability. The quality of the contractor is the definitive metric of service quality, since the contractor actually provides the client with the required services.
    • Comprehensive measurements of quality plus client feedback is maintained, enabling a longitudinal view of contractor quality.
    • Contractors are measured along dimensions of skill level and certifications as well as soft skills, professionalism, communications, etc.
    • Novalink guarantees the quality of contractors. Should a contractor not meet expectations within the first two weeks of being engaged and onboarded, clients do not have to pay for their services.
  2. Placement/process quality – Because companies and government organizations use contingent labor services to fill specific, urgent needs very quickly, Novalink constantly seeks ways to streamline and improve the cycle time of sourcing and onboarding the right candidates at the right price.
    • Novalink identifies and eliminates potential bottlenecks by measuringtime-to-first response, approval and onboarding time and several other key metrics.
    • Time to market includes availability for interviews as well as actual deployment to the market. Novalink measures its level of success by meeting a five-business-day turnaround schedule.
  3. Optimal pricing – Price is just one part of the value equation. Novalink brings a unified approach to ensure that service levels are met and exceeded at the best possible market prices. This enables clients to be sure that no matter the economic environment, they are able to obtain the best talent at the right price.

Maintaining a qualified staff…

Maintaining Qualified Staff

Novalink professionals are trained to deliver on promises

To ensure you receive top-quality, highly qualified staff, Novalink seeks to constantly maintains and improves the quality of its workforce with:

  • Annual training or ad hoc training for skills and technologies updates
  • Annual performance surveys that include technical performance assessment feedback from the client and consultant’s team members
  • Re-certification training for technical skill sets
  • Non-technical training (communications, project management, leadership and personal development)
  • Set-aside budget expense for training

Guided by the company’s Core Values, Novalink professionals are trained to deliver on promises. The entire Novalink team – from technical to management level – has both contractual and professional commitments to always perform and exceed their goals.

Novalink has a performance clause in each employee agreement to maintain and improve the level of execution, as well as complete training and certification requirements. The performance clause offers employees the opportunity to obtain bonus points beyond their base pay if employees reach certain performance levels.